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That day no more predators showed up. I all ended with a romantic evening by the ”Coconut creek” like people used to call it.

Tom was on his way home from the dentist's. An ugly object was in the middle of the path.

I'll never get rid of that tooth for real.” thought Tom and picked it up. He really was releved Diana never saw it. He through it away.

When he came home he started packing for the picnic. Cheddar and papaya fruit biscuits, Jelly, sandwiches and some squash. That should be enough Tom thought.

In the bathroom he started to fix himself for the picnic. He took a cool shower, dryed himself and brushed his teeth. He also brushed his fur, and when he was done brushing it, he obviously thought it looked too fussy, so he fluffed it out again.

He wanted to look nice, but not too fussy of course. He used a particulary discreat perfume too. She would hardly be able to sense it.

He looked at his gap where his tooth had been there that morning. He though it looked ridiculous. Hopefully, Diana would think it was sweet, maybe even charming...

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Voilá! Hoppas ni gillar...


Tom ran all of the way to the dentist's, dispite it was a long way there he didn't stop once. Fortunatly no more nasty suprices showed up. He pulled up the door to the building. Eventually he was safe- he'd done it! But he was too exhausted to be happy, too exhausted to hardly even breathe.

He sat down on one of the waiting chairs to try to catch up with his breath.

Diana, the sweet dentist, came into the room. Tom hurried to wipe away some of the sweat dripping from his forhead using his sleeve. Diana looked very worried.

Oh my! What's happened!?” she exclaimed and sat down beside him.

Tom just shook his head, hoping she would understand that for the moment he was panting so much he wasn't capable of speaking.

It's allright,”she assured him.”I don't expect you to answer me, but please! Breathe slowly.”Inhale and exhale... inhale and exhale...”

Once Tom had got resonably settled down she took him into the meetingroom, it was a big room. Aparently she was the only one working that day. She pulled out a chair from the long table and he sat down on it. It was an armchair, probably the most comfortable chair in the room.

Diana was still very worried.

Should I go and get you a cup of tea?” she asked anxiously.

Do you have cheddar tea?” Tom wondered, finally at least he had started to settle down.

Always.” she just said and hurried into the dentist's small kitchen. Meanwhile she was away Tom pulled out a handcherchef out of his pocket, he was going to get rid of that stressful sweat of his face once and for all. He also used a comb which he always carried in his pocket.

When Diana came back he hurried to stuff it all in his pocket.

Here you go.” she said,” Hot water, some milk, sugar and a teabag with the taste of cheddar, that's tea right!.”she smiled.

Thanks a lot. If it wasn't for you I would probabaly be snake snack now.” he frowned.

You're welcome.” she smiled.

There was a long silence. Luckily Diana found a way to get rid of that embarrising atmospher;” I see you've calmed down now.” she said.

Yes, cheddar tea is the best medecine.”

She laughed. ”Ahaha! Too right. Whould you like to have some biscuits too? We have plenty of the here.”

No thanks, I think it's about time you start calming down aswell.” he replied.

Suppose you're right.” she sat down beside him. ”Perhaps you'd like to tell me now then?” she asked causiously. ”Of what happened I mean?”

Tom explained, in every single detail. Diana listened pacently.

When he was finished Diana looked very impressed

Awww!” she exclaimed, ”that must have been painful!”

Well... Actually it was mainly scary.” Tom admitted and blushed. She smiled.

Let's talk more about this later,” she finally said, ”It's about time I had a look on your tooth.”


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Ännu ett inlägg av The adventures of Tom the mouse! Har du inte läst de föregående delarna så hittar du dem under inläggskategorin "The adventures of Tom the mouse".


Tom was prepared for a fight, though it wouldn't be even. Behind his back he quietly snapped off a stick, any second the snake could attack, the tension grew, and he focused.

The next tenth of a second Philip went to attack. His powerful jaws tried to snach him, his venomous, razor-sharp teeth tried to bite him hard. But as I said, Tom was prepared. And a prepared karate-ninja-mouse can never- ever fail.

Philip's teeth weren't further away than decimeters from Tom's face when Tom placed the stick inbetween he's jaws.

Philip was starting to get annoyed and literally spat out the stick. His sharp instingts helped him to avoid one of Tom's wild kicks which was only a millimeter away from his face. Philip got out of the way and before Tom even could ”bleat” Philip had rounded him and was at the moment squeezing him tightly around him.

By pure reflex Tom bit Philip, his sharp little teeth dug deep through the Philip's scales and blood sipped out. Both of the screamed.

Tom stopped screaming, this was his big chance- he could run away! He crept under the snake Philip's heavy body and ran.

It was closer to run to the dentist then home so that was what he did.

He could still hear Philip screaming in pain.

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Ännu en del av The adventures of Tom the mouse. Det skulle göra min dag om någon läste den!


The snake, who was called Philip, knew the jungle by heart and also where Tom was heading.

He was planning on taking the short cut that was so effective that he could walk- or slither, as slowly as he liked.

He really took his time. It didn't take long until Tom came barging as fast as his poor little hairy feet could bare, panting constantly.

Philip had been practising his ”speech” more than a few times and he knew exactly what to say. He really liked threatening his pray with classic phrases. He thought it gave him power, respect.

Well, well, well... We meet again little mouse... Hah, do you get it meat?” Anyway, did you really think that you, a tiny little mouse could escape from the big master?”

Did you really think that I would bother answering such a ridiculus question?” Tom replied. He was starting to realize of what a chanceless situation he was in: he couldn't climb up the tree, the snake would only follow him, even faster, he couldn't run away, the snake would catch up with him eventually, and any hole he could come through, the snake could.

So, now that you got me, what are you going to do? Tie me to a tree so you could go and fetch some salt and pepper?” Tom rolled his eyes. He was doing a fine job acting confident.

A sarkastic snack I see...” The snake hissed triumohantly. ”And yes, you'll surely taste good with some of that extra spice.”He narrowed his eyes.

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Här kommer nästa del av The adventures of Tom the mouse!

It was an awfully long way to the dentist's, at least for a little mouse. Since he was living in the nature of Brazil, lots of tropical plants was blocking his way. When he'd walked almost half of the way to the dentist's he was in for a truly nasty surprise.

Hiding well in one of the lush bushes beside the path was a hungry snake lurking. A pair of yellow eyes followed his way. Poor Tom was compleatly unawhere of this. A long tail was blocking the way for poor Tom, who of course couldn't see it, before it was too late. Helplessly he stumbled over the tail.

”Ouch!” he cried, looking around himself to see who was guilty. The snake slithered elegantly out of his hiding place. ”Whoops did I block your way?” the snake called out triumthantly.

” What was that for!?” Tom cried, he was very cross. But when he saw the snake's slender tongue licking it´s lips he relized that the snake maybe hadn't got the same delicous breakfast as he had. He was scared, but he tryed to look as confident as possible.

”Freash, juicy, tasty meat! I'll eat you up before you can even bleat! Oh, tell me little mouse, aren't I just the best at rhyming!” the snake exclaimed proudly.

”Indeed” Tom answered sounding a lot calmer than he actually was, you could clearly hear that he wasn't meaning what he was saying, he thought it was ridiculus .

”Well aren't you afraid of me? Aren't you going to run??”

”Why should I? I bet I can run twice as fast as you.” Tom crossed his arms.

”Don't be so sure of that you- you cocky little meatball!” The snake smacked with his lips and chuckled threatingly, he was enjoying this. He laughed some more. Once he'd stopped, he realized that the mouse was gone.

”Oh no!” he cried. ” Why do I always have to get so distracted by my humour! Well, at least now we'll see if he is as fast as he claims to be...”

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Tidigare har jag lagt ut min berättelse Saga och den elake svartalfen i stycken här på bloggen. Nu tänkte jag göra detsamma med en annan berättelse som jag skrev för ungefär två år sen, men som jag ändå tycker är bra. Den är skriven på engelska, hoppas att det går bra ändå. Den här berättelsen heter The adventures of Tom the mouse. Det vore jätteroligt om någon ville ta sig tid att läsa den. Som ni ser så delar jag upp den i väldigt små bitar, kanske det gör att folk orkar läsa den.


That early Sunday morning things weren't like they used to.

Mouse Tom wasn't woken up by the singing birds outside, neither woken up by the bright sunbeams, streaming through the window. He was woken by the terrible ache coming from one of his teeth.

He sat up, walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. It was a brownish, wobbily tooth.

It was like a bruise, you only had to touch and it hurt.

Then he put on his clothes, ate some breakfeast and brushed his teeth very carefully indeed.

He also booked an examination at the dentists. Knowing that the dentist was a very sweet and kind girl he spent a lot of time in front of the mirror before he took off.

He was secretly in love with her.


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